On-demand Webinar

How Activision Blizzard streamlined repetitive tasks and improved productivity in internal audit


Internal audit work often includes a great deal of time spent extracting and normalizing data, performing manual data comparisons and calculations, and chasing stakeholders for audit requests. To save time and drive efficiencies across their internal audit team, Activision Blizzard leveraged the power of automation and technology.

Join us for a discussion with Artur Cieplik, Senior Director of Internal Audit, and Geoffrey Dollin, IT Audit Supervisor, from Activision Blizzard—they will share their experience on how their internal audit team is using ACL Robotics to automate SOX testing, create continuous monitoring solutions, and increase coverage and accuracy for operational audits with data analytics.

They’ll show you:

  • Example use cases and early wins for business processes and IT audit
  • How to increase internal audit collaboration with data analytics and automation
  • An overview of ACL Robotics
  • Considerations and approaches for introducing data workflow and automation technology to your internal audit team

Artur Cieplik

Senior Director, Internal Audit at Activision Blizzard

Artur leads the Global IT Audit and Data Analytics team to deliver high-caliber audits and IT SOX compliance. Artur has expanded and developed his career throughout multiple industries, with IT Audit roles at British Airways, BMW, Tesco and King.

Geoffrey Dollin, CISA

Supervisor, IT Internal Audit at Activision Blizzard

Geoffrey is an experienced IT audit, data analytics and automation professional. His time is split between IT audit and spearheading the internal audit group’s data analytics and automation efforts. Before joining Activision Blizzard, he worked at RSM US LLP in technology risk consulting.