On-demand webinar

Let automation do the heavy lifting in remote issue management


Think about your daily routine. You wake up to the smell of coffee, ask Alexa for your meeting schedule, and then see a notification on your phone that says your bills were paid on time. These time-saving conveniences are all powered by automation.

Now imagine if you could remove the manual, repetitive tasks from your workday too. From updating spreadsheets, to extracting and normalizing data, to following-up on exceptions, there are many ways automation can make your work life easier and more efficient.

In this session, we’ll discuss how automation can make remote issue management and audit reporting more efficient and consistent—so you can focus on more strategic projects.

You’ll also learn:

  • How to reduce the time spent on manual issue remediation and reconciliation
  • How to maintain a complete analytics audit trail—to ensure your work is fully defensible
  • How to track and automate real-time KPIs/KRIs into dashboards for performance and risk monitoring

Viktor Culjak

Director, Advisory & Consulting Services at Galvanize

Viktor Culjak is a seasoned GRC professional and leads the Advisory & Consulting Services Practice at Galvanize. Viktor directs the delivery of customer engagements and ensures they realize their GRC vision, goals and objectives through solution adoption and enablement. He has over 10 years of Big Four public practice experience in audit and risk advisory and also led the risk and controls function at a Canadian publicly listed company. Viktor's professional passion is to leverage data and automation in a pragmatic way to drive efficiencies and to make risk assessment, monitoring and control assurance activities more data-driven.