Automated Controls Monitoring for Finance Teams

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As we move into 2021, Finance leaders are faced with mounting pressure to provide assurance and confidence to the business, while mitigating the cost of managing risk and compliance through increased efficiency. Continuous monitoring of key risks and controls can enable you to achieve both by helping to prevent fraud, revenue leakage, and control failures in a more efficient way. This in turn builds trust with your auditors and regulators and protects your reputation.

In this session we’ll share the Risk & Control Monitoring Maturity Model, developed through our experience in helping organisations save billions of dollars using the power of Robotics to achieve automated monitoring. You’ll get a list of key process areas where automated risk and control monitoring delivers “low hanging fruit” value to help you realise savings and recover cost quicker.

In this webinar you’ll learn how to:

  • Understand key process areas ideal for continuous monitoring of control effectiveness.
  • Identify workflow considerations to improve timeliness of remediation activities.
  • Increase executive visibility and confidence with management level reporting and visualisations.

Robert Luu, Director of Client Partnership, Galvanize

Robert Luu has been a Solutions Consultant with Galvanize for the past 9 years, architecting strategic governance solutions and integrating technology platforms across global organizations to reduce the cost of risk and compliance, and increase stakeholder confidence and executive visibility. In this role, he’s worked closely with Galvanize’s customer base to implement all aspects of the HighBond and Robotics platform for Risk, Audit, Compliance, IT, Finance, and Operation functions including data automation and continuous monitoring programs in a variety of industries such as banking, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, retail, oil and gas, healthcare, manufacturing, hospitality, education, and the public sector. He also provides advisory and consulting services for data-driven risk and audit management professionals supported by his recent achievements in receiving the Certificate in Digital Risk Management. Robert now plays a key role in leading the go-to-market strategies for Galvanize’s innovative solution stack and oversees the overall success of the customers for the Asia Pacific regions a Forrester certified Customer Experience Professional.

Dusk Lim, Strategic Account Manager, Galvanize

Dusk has been with Galvanize for over 6 years now. Over the past years, he has held various business and commercial roles within Galvanize, responsible for the customer’s and Galvanize’s successes within various territories. He spends most days advocating for the use of advanced technologies to help customers mitigate the cost of managing risk and controls, demonstrate compliance and provide executives with insights into their risk postures. His experience has allowed him to better appreciate the unique challenges that different industries face in their pursuit of risk management excellence across different lines of defence. Prior to Galvanize, Dusk held different roles with different consulting firms such as Hitachi, working to help customer gain competitive edges in their businesses through the adoption of enterprise technologies.