How to effectively use combined assurance

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60 minutes

Despite working toward a common goal, the functions and business areas (internal and external) that provide assurance are usually siloed. The combined assurance model aims to solve this by coordinating the activities of the various assurance providers and streamlining their work and reporting.

In this webinar, we'll introduce the combined assurance model, its background, and answer the following questions:

  • What business value does Combined Assurance deliver?
  • What are the challenges in its implementation?
  • How can we start the implementation process?
  • Is there a blue print?

Anil Jogani - Channel Manager at Galvanize

Anil Jogani is a senior executive with considerable international experience in the IT industry throughout the UK, India, and Europe. A GRC, security, audit and ERP software solutions professional, Anil regularly presents at international events and writes on the topics of IT governance, security, data privacy, audit, and control.

Johanna Bono - Head of Internal Audit at AMF Pension

Johanna Bono is a Head of Internal Audit at AMF Pension with over a decade of experience in managing and compiling auditing projects and reporting results to high-level executives with a high customer focus. Johanna has performed risk assessments and assessed detailed processes at major a Scandinavian corporation. Possesses international certification.