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Getting started with audit automation

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Automation can transform GRC activities. This is especially true for internal audit teams, who are constantly focused on tackling time-consuming tasks like extracting and normalizing data, updating spreadsheets, or chasing people down to follow-up on exceptions.

With the demand for risk assurance in all business areas rising, automation is essential for increasing audit team efficiencies and unlocking 24/7 processing of high-volume data and tasks. Yet, two common questions remain: where do you get started with automation and how can you use it to deliver those insights with the greatest impact?

Watch this webinar where we share how audit professionals can successfully integrate automation into their daily routines, including:

  • An overview of what automation actually is, and how to use it to add capacity while increasing assurance.
  • Examples of how automation can be applied to common business areas like risk-based audit assessments, continuous auditing, and fraud detection.
  • The practical steps needed to move up the robotics and automation maturity curve.

Shahed Khalili
Vice President of Product at Galvanize

Shahed Khalili has over 20 years of experience in the technology field. Over a decade of that has been in financial intuitions, managing and building customer-facing products and services. In the past 8 years working at Galvanize, Shahed has delivered products for Risk, Compliance, and Audit professionals and has the experience of successfully completing numerous implementation engagements. Shahed is a technology nerd, a creative problem solver, and has lots of on the job stories to share.

Shane Grimm
Client Partner at Galvanize

Shane Grimm is the Ironman of data analytics with over 20 years' experience using Galvanize technology. His career began as an EDP Audit Specialist within an Internal Audit department and he moved to Galvanize as a Certified Trainer 17 years ago. During his time at Galvanize he has transitioned through various parts of the company and has coached thousands of Galvanize users worldwide on data analysis techniques and best practices. Now in his role as Client Partner, he uses his unparalleled Galvanize knowledge to support our customers.