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Increasing Internal Audit Value

How Technology Makes Audit More Valuable to the C-suite

Business leaders today have higher expectations of the value internal auditors should be delivering to their organizations. Progressive internal audit departments have also evolved and are wanting “a seat at the table.” They want to be taken seriously by the C-suite and highly regarded for the value they can contribute.

But as an internal auditor, how do you achieve this?

In this eBook, we reveal how internal audit teams can use technology to free up their time and resources—so they can focus on higher-level strategy development and critical thinking. You'll also learn how to:

  • Make audit technology a strategic imperative that aligns with risk and compliance.
  • Align separate audit, risk management, and compliance processes throughout the organization.
  • Apply factual data to big-picture risks and objectives.
  • Optimize pieces of the audit process currently scattered across shared drives, spreadsheets and email.
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