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Internal Audit’s impact in a time of crisis


As the current pandemic forces many businesses to dramatically change the way they operate and adopt remote working, internal auditors also have practical difficulties, ranging from accessing data remotely to adjusting their audit plans to face new risks that come with the current and future environment.

Internal audit functions have an important duty to persist in providing critical assurance to their management and board over key risks and controls, and anticipating emerging threats. Internal audit teams around the world are having to rethink how they operate in a time of crisis to help their organisation stay on top of their risks and drive decision-making during a critical time when there is no playbook.

In this webinar, we’ll explore the challenges, tools and best ways for internal audit teams to respond in times of crisis. You’ll learn how to:

  • Drive improvements to manage the most important risks
  • Demonstrate flexibility and agility during uncertain times
  • Communicate with stakeholders to drive the right behaviours

Tom Ryan, Senior Solutions Consultant at Galvanize
Tom Ryan has been helping internal audit teams evaluate their maturity and information technology needs for 7 years. He has enabled many internal audit teams to take advantage of digital technology and has worked with internal audit teams of all sizes located around the world. At Galvanize Tom is responsible for engaging and advising internal audit teams through a mixture of consultations and workshops.
Liz Sandwith, Chief Professional Practices Adviser at Chartered IIA
Liz Sandwith has a vast background in internal audit for both the public and private sectors having worked at Bupa, Information Commissioner’s Office, Channel 5 as well as a number of local authorities and central government departments. She carries out training globally on behalf of training provider MISTI as well as the Chartered IIA.