Internal Audit Impact Series
On-demand 6-episode series

From Internal Auditor to Strategic Business Partner

Watch the 6-part fireside chat series where industry experts and professionals will share real-world stories and strategies to help internal audit teams improve cross-functional relationships. Discover tools and tactics that will help you tear down silos and deliver insights that will position you to be a trusted advisor to the business.

Episode Guide

Episode 1: SOX + Internal Controls: What’s Internal Audit’s role?

Episode outcomes:

  • Limitations of SOX auditing and how to overcome them
  • How to educate and train staff on risk, controls, and process
  • What internal auditors and SOX auditors can do to better partner together
  • Who should be in charge of the SOX process on an organizational level

Episode 2: How to optimize collaboration between Internal Audit and Compliance

Episode outcomes:

  • How to support the design and implementation of compliance management processes
  • The importance of training middle management to foster a strong control environment
  • Challenges in building data analytics capability, especially for risk assessment or detecting outlier transactions
  • How internal audit and compliance can support third-party risk management

Episode 3: How Internal Audit can partner with the CISO to achieve cyber resilience

Episode outcomes:

  • How internal audit can support the development of rapid response methodologies and processes before they are needed
  • How to work with InfoSec to develop preventative controls that could mitigate some, if not all, cyber security risks
  • How to strengthen the relationship between InfoSec and Internal Audit

Episode 4: Internal Audit’s guide to supporting vendor onboarding

Episode outcomes:

  • How to design an effective and efficient vendor review and risk management program
  • How to design and perform vendor site visits and risk review
  • How to develop vendor risk model based on risk categories or portfolios

Episode 5: Building a strong relationship between Internal Audit and the Board of Directors

Episode outcomes:

  • How to provide executive visibility with insightful reports to explain the why behind strengths and weaknesses found through audit work
  • Techniques or characteristics that can be developed to become trusted strategic advisors to the Board
  • How to educate the audit committee and board members on why risks and controls are vital and how that translates into shareholder value

Episode 6: The future of GRC: A united front

Episode outcomes:

  • How to design an organizational risk universe that supports organizational-level risk assessment
  • How to consult on enterprise-wide risk projects with internal audit as a key stakeholder
  • How to provide control effectiveness insights to risk management outside of audit reports to drive change

Meet the speakers:


Dottie Schindlinger, Executive Director of the Diligent Institute, Diligent


Dan Clark, Principal, D. Clark Risk Advisory Services


Joseph Hager, Chief Audit Executive and Chief Risk Officer, Summit Financial Group

Bryan Timmerman.png

Bryan Timmerman, Chief Information Security Officer, Galvanize (a Diligent Brand)


Matt Kelly, Founder, Radical Compliance

Sherri Davies.png

Sherri Davies, Senior Director, SOX Compliance, Lumen Technologies


Christian Focacci, Managing Director, Steele Compliance