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Internal auditing in a post-pandemic world: Lessons learned from COVID-19

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Organizations around the world are struggling to minimize COVID-19 business disruptions, while also navigating new realities like remote work. Similarly, internal audit teams are having to rethink how they operate, address new emerging risks, and provide insights for sound decision-making during a critical time when there is no playbook.

In this webinar, Dan Clark—a consultant and former chief audit executive—shares his practical model for approaching internal auditing in a post-pandemic world. You’ll learn how to enhance the rules of governance, evolve risk assessments to risk responses, deliver faster intelligence, and improve organizational behavior profiling.

You’ll also discover:
  • Why auditors are in a unique position to increase organizational value.
  • How to optimize people, processes, and technology to help your organization survive this crisis.
  • How to use robotics and AI as new delivery models to increase insights and assurance.
  • Best practices and tools your team can use to elevate the internal audit profession as you adjust to the “new normal.”

Dan Clark

Principal, D. Clark Risk Advisory Services

Dan Clark has over 30 years experience in the financial services industry; 19 of that in Risk Management and Internal Audit where he designed and implemented risk based internal audit processes. He is a speaker and contributor to industry conferences, publications and think tanks. His book, Dare to Be Different, An Auditor’s Personal Guide to Excellence has been well received in the industry. Dan has been a Chief Audit Executive for international banks, regional banks and was Director of Operations for Internal Audit at GE Capital. He is a strong advocate of risk based auditing providing Audit and Risk Advisory Services to various sectors of the market place including financial services, healthcare, manufacturing and energy.

Dan Zitting

Chief Product & Strategy Officer

Dan's responsibilities at Galvanize include executive leadership for the company's strategy, products, marketing, and customer success. He is dedicated to the advancement of cloud and “big data” technologies for helping corporations and governments perform better while operating with integrity.