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Is your IT VRM program ready for 2020?


A growing global focus on capitalizing on business opportunities through digitalization and cloud, mobile, AI, and IoT technologies means IT departments must increasingly rely on external vendors. As a result, IT vendor risk management (VRM) and ensuring your digital supply chain meets your current and future compliance obligations has become more critical than ever.

Watch this 60-minute webinar to find out if your IT VRM program is ready for 2020. In this session, we’ll discuss how to approach VRM for the year ahead and share real-life lessons learned from assessing and categorizing large volumes of IT vendors. You’ll also learn:

  • The emerging trends affecting IT VRM and how to respond.
  • Which areas to invest in to enhance your IT VRM program.
  • How to get stakeholder buy-in when making program changes.
  • The common challenges and pitfalls to avoid in your IT VRM strategy.
  • How technology helps you focus on what matters most.

Alan Rodger – Senior Analyst at Ovum
Alan Rodger is a senior analyst at Ovum, specializing in IT solutions for senior IT management end users. He produces advisory reports for CIOs and senior leadership teams, helping clients understand how to develop their IT management capabilities and cope with technology and business change. Alan's key areas of expertise include governance risk and compliance (GRC), IT governance, software asset management (SAM), and licensing management. With a career spanning more than 30 years, he has also covered enterprise outsourcing practices and software markets, including security, identity, and application development/modernization.
Torsten Larson – Director, Solutions Consulting at Galvanize
Torsten Larson is the Director of Solutions Consulting at Galvanize. In this role, he helps IT risk and security professionals meet complex business needs and ever-increasing regulatory and security requirements through technology solutions. Torsten is a former Information Security Manager who led and managed peak-performing teams to achieve cross-functional business objectives by translating information security standards and risks into business strategies and requirements.
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