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Making ITGC testing easier through automation

There’s no question that providing assurance on the effectiveness of IT controls is time-consuming and repetitive. And as cloud-use and mobile apps become more prevalent, external auditors want even more assurance over data validity, integrity, and completeness of testing. But performing access testing by manually downloading user lists and running reports is highly inefficient and not a sustainable way to get the assurance you need.

Join us for this webinar to discover how to improve your ITGC testing with automation, including:

  • how to automatically connect to systems like Active Directory, SAP ERP, and Salesforce to maximize the efficiency of user access control testing.
  • how to apply a standardized user access matrix to speed up quarterly system access reviews and certifications.
  • how to work in HighBond to centralize and coordinate user access reviews across the business to reinforce the completeness and validity of testing.
Phil Lim – Director, Content Development at Galvanize
Phil currently leads Galvanize’s global development team and partnerships for product embedded standards, regulations, and pre-built data analytics programs. He has eleven years of experience advising audit, risk, compliance, and finance teams of Fortune 500 organizations as well as all levels of government. Phil has deep experience implementing programs aimed at monitoring for anti-bribery, data privacy, and fraud, waste, and abuse risk.
Don Reyes – Manager, Analytics Adoption at Galvanize
For over eight years, Don has helped organizations better understand, appreciate, and safely leverage the use of information technology in day-to-day operations. His experience lies in implementing and evaluating financial, IT General and Automated controls, implementing IT security practices, and performing gap and readiness assessments against control frameworks, standards, and global attestations.
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