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Death of the tick mark: How internal audit can become better than normal

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How COVID ended the era of tick mark auditing

Organizations faced many new challenges this year, forcing senior management and internal audit teams to set and adapt to new priorities. The C-suite and board now expect audit leaders to deliver real-time insights into the organization’s greatest risks and opportunities. So why are internal auditors still putting up with inefficient processes and undervalued deliverables like static audit plans? It’s time to innovate with new technology and methods for the ultimate comeback.

In this webinar Dan Zitting, former auditor and Galvanize’s chief product and strategy officer, shares his views on how you can finally put old-fashioned workpapers and tick marks to rest—and confidently take your seat at the table.

You’ll also hear:

  • How an agile methodology will help audit teams keep up with the unknowns of tomorrow.
  • Why data analytics and automation are changing audit for the better.
  • Inspiring stories of real-life auditors who are delivering huge value

Dan Zitting

Chief Product & Strategy Officer at Galvanize

Dan's responsibilities at Galvanize include executive leadership for the company's strategy, products, marketing, and customer success. He is dedicated to the advancement of cloud and “big data” technologies for helping corporations and governments perform better while operating with integrity.

Prior to Galvanize, Dan spent 10 years in professional services including time with the Technology & Security Risk Services practice at Ernst & Young. Following E&Y, he co-founded advisory firm Linford & Company LLP, a provider of GRC consulting services that grew to serving clients across North America, Europe, and Asia.