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Rise of the robots: Getting started with RPA for IT risk and security

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With the rise of robotic process automation (RPA), it’s now possible to automate manual and time-consuming risk and control assessments—as well as continuous monitoring. Adding a robot to your headcount returns precious bandwidth for your team to focus on critical thinking tasks like exception handling and issue remediation. But with so much potential, it can be hard to pinpoint where automation will drive the most efficiencies.

In this webinar, Dan Zitting, former cyber risk advisor and Galvanize’s Chief Customer Experience Officer, shares practical examples of how IT risk and security teams can take advantage of robotics and walk through the maturity curve towards full automation or an “audit proof” IT and cybersecurity function. You'll learn:

  • What RPA is and how companies are benefiting from robotics today.
  • The key differences between RPA and data analytics.
  • Real-life RPA use cases in IT audit, risk management, security, and compliance.
  • How to deploy robots for the biggest measurable impact.
  • The common pitfalls to avoid when building or scaling your RPA processes.

Dan Zitting - Chief Customer Experience Officer at Galvanize

Dan's responsibilities at Galvanize include executive leadership for the company's strategy, products, marketing, and customer success. He is dedicated to the advancement of cloud and “big data” technologies for helping corporations and governments perform better while operating with integrity.

Prior to Galvanize, Dan spent 10 years in professional services including time with the Technology & Security Risk Services practice at EY. Following EY, he founded Workpapers.com, the first truly cloud-based audit and compliance management system in the market. Under Dan's leadership, Workpapers.com found strong success and was ultimately acquired by Galvanize in 2011.