On-demand webinar

Shifting cybersecurity from a compliance to a risk focus


The status quo of cybersecurity is compliance-driven and focused on IT controls. In 2020 and beyond, cybersecurity must become a risk-driven function that demonstrates its direct connection to the organization’s success. While the demand for cybersecurity professionals is increasing, qualified individuals are in short supply. In response, many organizations are turning to purpose-built technology to fill these gaps and transform cyber risk management.

In this 60-minute webinar with Nick Frost, co-founder of Cyber Risk Management Group, and Greg Slayton, Client Partner at Galvanize, will discuss the future of cyber risk, share how organizations have successfully prioritized risk, and provide tactics you can apply to become more efficient and impactful.

You’ll learn:

  • How the cyber risk landscape is changing and the top trends for 2020.
  • Why automation is crucial to establishing a risk-driven function.
  • Quick wins you can implement at any stage of cyber-risk maturity.

In partnership with:

Nick Frost

Co-founder at Cyber Risk Management Group

Nick Frost has a 20-year career within the cybersecurity space. Before joining forces with Simon Rycroft to form CRMG, Nick held leadership roles at PwC as Group Head of Information Risk and at the Information Security Forum (ISF) as Principal Consultant. At PwC, Nick designed and implemented best-practice solutions that made good business sense, prioritizing key risks to the organization and minimizing disruption to ongoing operations. Nick’s combined experience as a seasoned cyber-risk practitioner and research lead—designing and implementing pragmatic, risk-based solutions—places him as a leading expert on cyber risk.

Greg Slayton, CISSP

Client Partner at Galvanize

Greg Slayton works with organizations as a strategic resource for their cyber risk and security strategy. He helps his clients align the right technology to reduce risk and improve efficiencies. He has 20 years of experience in information security and technology. Prior to Galvanize, he was the Information Security Officer at a government healthcare accounting firm, where he led multiple organization-wide infrastructure, security, and compliance initiatives.