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The New First Line of Defense: Establishing a strong and comprehensive controls framework


With only 54% of GRC professionals confident that they have complete visibility into the risks faced by their organization, it comes as no surprise that cybersecurity breaches, fraud, and third-party risk factors have become more prevalent.

In this session, Joe Hager, Chief Audit Executive and Chief Risk Officer at Summit Financial Group, will share how his team builds and enforces a dynamic controls framework amid an evolving risk landscape. Join us and explore how enterprise-wide initiatives are crucial to reducing revenue leakage, preventing fraud, and mitigating control failures.

You’ll also learn:

  • Why focusing Key Control Indicators (KCIs) on control factors – and not the risks themselves, is essential to mitigating risk
  • Why building a strong first line of defense (1LOD) is integral to supporting the other two lines
  • How to leverage your current processes to build out an effective controls framework

Joseph Hager - Chief Audit Executive and Chief Risk Officer at Summit Financial Group

Joseph Hager is the Chief Audit Executive & Chief Risk Officer at Summit Financial Group, Inc. Having joined in the summer of 2016, Hager has focused on transitioning internal audit from a traditional audit approach to a more data driven, real-time audit methodology. Since joining, Summit has completed 7 acquisition transactions. Prior to his role at Summit, Hager spent approximately 12 years in public accounting, including PwC, primarily focused on financial/SOX audits and regulatory compliance assurance.

Samer Rahim - Client Partner at Galvanize

Samer Rahim has over 15 years of professional experience working for Ernst & Young in the Risk Advisory Service Line. He has worked with public and private sector companies in the areas of internal, internal controls, risk assessment, enterprise risk management and audit transformation. Samer joined Galvanize in 2016 as a manager specializing in HighBond implementations. He has helped hundreds of clients successfully adopt and transition the audit, risk management, and compliance management programs into Galvanize's HighBond platform. In 2019, Samer transitioned into a new role as a Client Partner, working to ensure client success with their HighBond solutions.